Here we go. Nearly two years in development, Traffic Geyser is coming to a niche near you. Simply put, Traffic Geyser turns most any domain into real traffic to your website. There is a ton of complexity behind the scenes, but Traffic Geyser (TG) handles it all for you.

This project started off very differently than it has ended up. Originally, we were going to call it “Lucid Marketing”, but once I saw the domain had expired, we quickly re-branded. You can see the story behind Traffic Geyser here.

Sign up! You’ll see exactly what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it. I know it seems “snooty” to require you to opt-in to see the sales letter, but we’re “super cereal” about keeping this project FBR as possible. (Flying Below the Radar).

Who are “we”? A two man team, Kyle in California, and Joel in Phoenix, with a small army of specialists who have assisted us every step along the way. We’re not sure where this journey is going to lead us, but we’re excited to begin sharing our work with the internet marketing world.