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Traffic Geyser Turns Expired Domains
into a Fountain of Real Traffic.

Any domain, whether it's from your own portfolio, via auction, or expired domains.

We have all been searching, relentlessly, for the Internet Marketing "Holy Grail": Affordable, predictable traffic. Qualified visitors seeing our landing, sales, or optin pages. It's something we all have in common.

Push Buttons. Get Traffic.

We've all heard this promise a million times.

Traffic Geyser is not quite as easy as pushing a single button, but you can start driving traffic to your money content (or an affiliate offer) today, without expensive PPC, Facebook ads, or doing anything dodgy.

This isn't "Get Rich Quick".  It's "Build Business Fast".

Three massive forces in the internet world are in motion, and are beginning to overlap. (Actually four, including Artificial Intelligence) And at the intersection, there is tremendous opportunity for those with the foresight to take advantage of it.

This is traffic your competitors are missing because they are too busy focusing on the big, sexy wins. Let's build a steady stream of real, predictable, qualified visitors and do it FBR. (Flying Below Radar)

Three Forces

On their own, these shifts in the internet landscape are interesting, but not ground breaking. However, at the nexus where they overlap, there is tremendous opportunity.

Relentless Pressure

First, there is a ferocious, cannibalistic, hunger games style competitive landscape driving downward price pressure on a segment of the technology world that internet marketers know well: Web Hosting.

Expiring Domains

The second is the ongoing, daily tidal wave of high quality domains that have expired and dropped. We're not talking low quality Private Blog Networks (PBN's). (Traffic Geyser is NOT PBN's) Let's use these for good, not evil.

Long Tail Gold

The final force is the trillions of long tail searches google sees. Google confirms 15% of searches have never been seen previously. This is a HUGE opportunity on the long tail for smart marketers who understand commercial intent.

Math is your friend.

Expired domains can be registered for $8.57.
Hosting is free with Traffic Geyser.

That is $8.57, total, for a year.

With Traffic Geyser, you push a button and build a site on that domain, up to 5,000 unique pages. (more on this later)

These new sites on expired domains have one job, and one job only, and that is to rank its pages in the search engines for long and very-long keyterms and key-phrases with commercial intent for your niche. And since we're using domains that already have backlinks, all the hard work is already done. Then, more magic happens, and any user to any of your TG domains ends up on your landing page. (Not 301's) You'll see how it works when you get under the hood.

If your TG website generates ONE single click per day, that is 365 clicks for your $8.57, which comes out to 2.3 CENTS per click. Yes, you are reading that right, traffic directly from the search engines for less than 2.5 cents a click.

Even if your expired domain only sends one click per week, your cost is still only .17 cents per click! 

Traffic Geyser makes it incredibly easy to scale a network of these sites, so multiply your daily clicks by 100x, 200x or even more.

Some domains can generate multiple clicks per day, see proof below. We've created a guide for you, a cheat sheet, to help you evaluate domains and determine, very quickly, the ones with the highest potential.

Traffic Geyser helps you create, maintain, scale, and profit from an expired domain network, generating traffic every day. You can easily scale to hundreds of unique users a day, costing you just pennies a click. 

You can see what a massive job it would be to obtain, create, design, populate, host and maintain a network like this. In fact, doing it manually would be near impossible. (We know because we tried) Add in the complexity of making sure each site has unique content, random templates, images, random file names, unique title / desc / H1, and it's an insurmountable mountain of time and effort. Simply cannot be done, we tried.

Until now.

This is the problem Traffic Geyser solves. Turns an impossible mountain of work, effort, and expense associated with expired domains into a fun, easy, inexpensive process that takes very little time. And it works.

Don't worry, we'll explain in detail how each step works, and how we've set it up to be "Push Button" easy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Traffic Geyser is a fully automated marketing technology that leverages cutting edge AI technology to drive web traffic to your landing pages, without SEO, paying for clicks, or shady linking.

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Get ready to dominate your niche!

The Old Way. The New Way.

The Online Marketing Landscape Has Changed. Opportunity is Knocking.


Unreliable, Expensive, Bans

SEO, done right costs a fortune in links
PBN's are very high risk, easy to ban
Adwords way, way too expensive
Facebook ads getting expensive, too
You stop paying, the traffic dries up

Traffic Geyser

The Easy, Profitable Way

Real, targeted traffic: Pennies per click
No linking, PBN's, or paying for Ads
You control and own everything
Very inexpensive, incredibly easy
One time fee. No ongoing expenses.

Okay, Let's See Some Proof

Under the Hood Analytics

Here is the Clicky analytics screen for an ecommerce shop built on BigCommerce, with traffic driven by Traffic Geyser. (Clicky is a fantastic google analytics alternative). This site had zero traffic when launched.

You can see over 14 days, these 10 Traffic Geyser sites have sent 248 clicks to this store, an average of 17.7 clicks per day. Remember, these are organic clicks from google and maybe a few from bing / yahoo. These clicks required no link building and the click is not paid.

With your domains and a Traffic Geyser account, you could easily 6x - 10x this traffic in 60 - 90 days. 

You can send this traffic anywhere. To your optin page, a sales page, a youtube video, an amazon store listing, your facebook page, etsy shop, or even to an affiliate offer, with your affiliate link. 

With a steady source of inexpensive traffic, the opportunities are endless. There is no facebook to ban your ads, and there is no facebook or google hammering your credit card for expensive clicks.

Does the Traffic Convert?

Traffic Geyser traffic is straight from the search engines, and you have complete control over the the click. The highest converting traffic is always going to have a high "Match to Message". Think of the Title Tag of a page as the Headline and the Desc tag as the call to action. If you're in the Keto niche, and your Title is "Top 12 Keto Recipes - Delicious and Nutritious", and the desc tag is "Discover the very best Keto recipes for weight loss, 100% free. Click Here", and a user ends up at your Keto page, you have a very high chance of success. If you send them to a gourmet donut page, that will likely not convert. With Traffic Geyser, you have 100% control, dramatically increasing your success rate.

Steady, Consistent Growth

You can see here the BigCommerce ecommerce store has been building steady traffic over the two months after launch. There was zero SEO, no link building, and no traffic was paid for. This is 100% Traffic Geyser.

As more expired domains are added, the traffic will continue to increase. Traffic Geyser is a comprehensive solution for the number one issue all internet marketers face: Steady, affordable, traffic.

Traffic Geyser works in any niche, in any language. The training is free and easy, and provides step-by-step instructions, a complete roadmap.

Other Benefits of Traffic Geyser

Here you can see the vast majority of traffic to the BigCommerce shop is coming via Traffic Geyser links. And there was zero SEO, but it's showing up in search, and receiving significant direct traffic for a brand new site. This traffic is 100% free, a massive bonus. This is happening because traffic is a google ranking signal.

This from SEO guru Brain Dean:

...the SEMRush study I just cited found a significant correlation between direct traffic and Google rankings.

Traffic Geyser Lifetime - No Monthly Fees

Traffic Geyser Lifetime

Build / host unlimited sites in your niche
All Premium Traffic Geyser Features
One time payment, no monthly fee
Sites live indefinitely

$1497 One Time
$624 Lifetime - Limited Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Traffic Geyser work on my Mac or PC?

Traffic Geyser is web based software. All you need is a browser and internet connection.

Will Traffic Geyser work in my niche?

If there is google search traffic around subjects in your niche, it will work.

Where can I find expired domains to use with Traffic Geyser?

We include an exhaustive resource to find great expired domains, including our proprietary process for selecting the cream of the crop. And don't worry, there are more domains available that you could ever use.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use Traffic Geyser?

As long as you know the main keyterms for your niche, the only technical knowledge you need is the ability to change the Nameservers at your domain registrar. There literally is nothing else you need to know.

Additional Resources

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