Heard of Traffic Geyser Before?

Here's the story

History of Traffic Geyser

I first met Mike Koenigs in 2008, during the Stomper Net days. We both lived in San Diego, and were full-time in the internet marketing world. I participated in few of his masterminds over the years, and we are both currently in the “Flight Club” Mastermind group.

One day, as I’m scrolling through dropping domains, I see TrafficGeyser.com, which was one of Mike’s businesses (which he sold). I was a customer of Traffic Geyser, it was cool, innovate software.

Originally, Joel and were calling this project Lucid Marketing, but once we had the domain, we just HAD to rename the software to Traffic Geyser NG (New Generation).

The old traffic geyser syndicated videos for traffic, the reborn version uses expired domains to create traffic, similar, but it’s a completely separate project.

If you remember the old Traffic Geyser, let me know. It means we’ve chewed a hell of alot of the same ground together.



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