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Real Search Traffic For As Little As .11 Cents Per Click.

3 Forces have
converged, creating an amazing

Traffic Geyser is software that leverages this opportunity into REAL traffic.

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The first of these forces is a relentless, cannibalistic, hunger games style downward price pressure on a segment of the technology world that internet marketers can take advantage of.

The second is the ongoing, daily wave of high quality domains that have expired and dropped. We're all familiar with the spammers that gobble these up and pile them together into low quality Private Blog Networks (PBN's). (Traffic Geyser is NOT PBN's) Let's use these for good, not evil.

The final force is the sheer volume (trillions a year) of long tail searches Google and the other search engines see every day. reports Google has confirmed 15% of searches they see every day are new, they have not processed those searches previously. This represents a HUGE opportunity on the long tail.

Separately, to take advantage of these factors would be frankly, not worth your time. But with the power of TrafficGeyser, it's like a small army of highly trained VA'a that don't make errors working for you, 24/7, on demand.

Once you see the system, and understand the very simple, (but mind blowing) math behind it, you'll never go back.

Any niche. Any country or region.

stack the deck in your favor

While your competition is spending $5,000+ a month on optimizing, links, and paid traffic, you are building real traffic, every day. No link building. No expensive content creation. Take advantage of the massive scale of long and micro tail searches with huge buyer intent that are flooding google every day. No parasites, no youtube videos, and you own everything. Build once, profit many.

Okay, so how the hell does it work?

Details are only available via email. As a bonus, we'll send you the EXACT system so you can do it yourself, manually, if you wish. But once you understand the power of what is possible with TrafficGeyser automation, you'll be blown away. Real traffic, with none of the SEO headaches. Work way less, earn way more.

real search traffic, with commercial intent, to your sales or optin page.
as low as .11 cents per click. (or less!)

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