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Win at SEO: Automate to Dominate

Build Perfect Links, Control Them Forever. Skyrocket your Rankings. 

If you’re an SEO, Business Owner, or Digital Agency, Traffic Geyser gives you the ultimate weapon to own the SERP’s. Automate to Dominate.

Save Time, Money. Increase Profits.

TrafficGeyser is a powerful system to rapidly create and host optimized websites using expired or auction domains for lightning-quick evaluation (and exploitation) of their SEO potential. Combing Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data from Moz and Majestic, you’ll have a portfolio of powerful websites ready to attack any niche, in record time.

Guest Post Killer

One of the most popular ways to build powerful backlinks is to buy or rent Guest Posts. Why pay full retail for zero control over a post deep within someone else’s domain, when you can permanently own a link from the home page? (At a fraction of the price)

Domain "Link Juice" Evaluation

Expired domains are very hit and miss. Some are completely burned, but some retain incredible ranking power. Traffic Geyser is the quickest, surest way to separate the good from the bad.

Save Massive Time and Aggravation

There are dozens of sources for good SEO domains (Opt in for instant access to a comprehensive list). Traffic Geyser allows you to go from domain acquisition to a fully deployed, unique, footprint free website with content, images, videos, and links, literally in minutes.

Create Powerful Links, Quick & Easy

Forget ineffective “outreach”, aka link begging. Say goodbye to overpriced and sketchy guest posts. Lose your fear of negative effects of poor quality links. Make short work of time consuming, tedious tasks requiring days of work. Go from struggling to dominating, save massive time, and dominate any niche. Check out some key features:


  • Choose template, no coding skills needed
  • Fonts, sizes, everything is auto randomized
  • Use stock header or upload a custom version
  • Color palette auto gen based on header color
  • Keyword research built in with vol / CPC
  • Displays google related and suggested
  • Create content in minutes with integrated AI
  • Content human readable, passes Copyscape
  • Choose Images, Videos, Graphics
  • Images from Bing, labeled for re-use
  • Images renamed, auto sized, random alt text
  • Edit Title, Desc, H1, URL
  • Add scripts for analytics, optins, popups
  • .htaccess created for any 301’s needed
  • CSS auto generated, but fully editable
  • Auto generated, randomized privacy page
  • Auto generated, randomized contact us page
  • Auto generated site map
  • All files names, footer text randomized
  • No page more than 2 clicks from home page
  • Assign the site to categories and Tiers
  • Add additional pages at any time
  • Lightning fast, no WordPress bloat
  • Link Juice flow, max 2 clicks from home



  • Direct integration, one button upload
  • Widely dispersed hosting
  • No footprints, millions of IP’s
  • Once click .zip download of any site
  • Choose www or non-www
  • Choose http or https
  • Very secure, unlike WordPress
  • full FTP access for custom edits
  • Change your nameserver and done
  • Very affordable, but optional

Deploy and Dominate

  • Single Dashboard with all your TG sites
  • Dashboard shows up to date stats:
  • Category & Tier (User defined)
  • Majestic Trust Flow & Citation Flow (TF/CF)
  • Majestic Major Topic
  • Moz Domain Authority (DA)
  • Number of Referring Domains (Backlinks)
  • # of Google indexed pages
  • Ranking of Title, Desc, H1
  • Days since first upload
  • Money links in dashboard for 1 click add
  • Add links to money pages WITH DELAY
  • Auto add links to authority sites (not wiki)
  • Auto add links to other TG sites
  • Suggested internal linking text
  • Search every page of your network for text
  • Add links, with a delay if required

Steps to Ranking Domination

  1. Acquire a domain with existing backlinks (Very easy)
  2. Use Traffic Geyser to rapidly deploy a full 5-10 page site
  3. Evaluate. Does it index and rank for its title, desc, H1?
  4. If it doesn’t rank, ignore/discard the domain or let it marinate.
  5. If it does index and rank, link to your money site
  6. Repeat, Rank, and Profit

Acquire, Build, Host, Link…

…. and Dominate. An entire industry has sprung up around finding and evaluating domains for their SEO potential. Traffic Geyser members get access to a master list of tools, services and marketplaces. The problem is what do you do AFTER you have acquired a good domain? If you have Traffic Geyser, that is no longer a problem, those domains are now as good as money in the bank. Pack a month’s worth of SEO work into a single day, and watch your productivity and bank account skyrocket.

"Traffic Geyser is simply the most efficient, powerful, and time saving tool I own. I can't recommend it highly enough."

– Thomas Stevenson, FBR (Fly Below Radar) SEO

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